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Am I a Grinch?

Over the weekend, a number of neighbours put of Christmas lights and decorations. That’s great - take advantage of the good weather while we have it. But then, they left the lights on. I freaked - it’s too early to have your lights on!

Yesterday at around 8:45 a.m., K-Rock played Tom Petty’s “Christmas All Over Again”. I freaked, and switched the station (which was risky, considering the car radio is wonky and you aren’t assured to get another station in or back once you change it). I am of the “old school” belief that Christmas songs should not be played on the radio until December 1, unless it’s the day of the Santa Claus Parade.

Last night, around 5 p.m., they played John Lennon’s “So This is Christmas”. Again, I freaked, but this time B was there to mock me. Apparently I’m over-reacting to this, and it’s okay to start playing to Christmas songs and be festive.

I brought this up at C-Core earlier this morning, and to my surprise I stood alone. People are listening to Christmas songs, putting up their decorations and embracing the coming of the season. I have done a lot of my shopping, and figured out some logistics that come when you are accomodating two families. I’ve even gone as far as to not skip the Christmas songs that come up when I put iTunes on “shuffle”.

The problem with starting the Christmas season so early, IMO, is that you build it up for a long time, you plan, you buy, you wrap, you decorate, you get excited… and then it’s over. People are back to work, talking about how great Christmas dinner was, before the dishes are even done. To me, that’s really disappointing. So until the beginning of December, I’ll just stick to my freaking routine.