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Sitting Target (of Advertising)

Because I’m currently a SAHM (which I will blog about soon) of an almost 3 month old, and particularly because I am breastfeeding (which I also hope to share about), I spend a LOT of time sitting… Either feeding, napping, or just too zonked to do much else. And I do a fair amount of sitting with TV on.

For those who wonder, daytime TV is seriously lacking - talk shows, soaps, reruns (though Spike DOES show a lot of CSI, which I enjoy) are the typical fare. But the ads definitely target “older adults” (walk-in tub anyone?) and moms. And despite my self-proclaimed superior intelligence, I find myself affected by the ads in ways I wouldn’t think of. I’m starting to care about how my house smells, and what germs are lurking because I’m not using the right anti-bacterial wipe. But besides pushing a certain product, advertising offers subliminal pushes as well. All the actors are, well, skinny, and well-dressed, with perfect kitchens and living rooms and gardens. And while I know they are actors on a set, some part of my brain is now more worried than ever before about these things and how inadequate my house and housekeeping skills are, and how I look (granted, I am carrying “baby weight”… Maybe I’ll blog on that too). It makes no sense, yet it’s getting to me!

I only hope that logic can continue to prevail, or that the weather stays good this spring and upcoming summer. I plan on switching off the TV and enjoying real life, commercial-free.