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I Am the Grasshopper

There’s a thin layer of snow outside and I’m not ready for that. It’s only recently admitted that summer was over, a summer I feel I missed a lot of for whatever reason (school, mostly). I don’t have anything really ready for Christmas. The garden needs to be cleaned up and put to bed (did start some raking today, thanks Mom and Dad for helping out). I have so much left to do when it comes to school (a Masters in which I want to complete by January) and my IEEE position (which ends in December). I wanted to do more around the house this fall, start a fitness and diet regime, spend more time with my family, with Brian, with the puppies, all before winter came. I wanted to finish the scuba course before winter came… that’s not gonna happen for a few weeks.

I feel unprepared for winter. Hopefully there’s an ant out there who can help me.