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Six Months In...

… and what do I have to show for it? A healthy, happy baby boy who seems to be reading the development charts and following them perfectly.  A dog who is a bit jealous, but is learning to live with less attention. An awesome hubby who has become an excellent, patient father. A house that’s no cleaner or more organized than it ever was pre maternity leave, but that’s okay, as long as the laundry gets done. A bit of a tan from those few sunny days we’ve had that I can stroll with Baby J.  A better appreciation for SAHMs and anyone undertaking childcare professionally.

… and what do I miss? Sleep (I’m getting some and I’m not complaining, just being honest). The ability to have a margarita without planning around it (breastfeeding is awesome is so many ways though). Work (yes, a bit). Travel (soon to be rectified, hopefully).

… and what surprises have there been? How quickly the months have gone by. How slow some days can seem. How interesting it can be to just watch Baby J from day to day. How much love and pride I can feel for my family. How a sunny day makes so much difference when you aren’t in an office. How great coffee can be after a difficult night. How different things actually are. How little some other things have changed.

… and what do I have to work on for the next six months? Patience (especially at 5am). Organization. Taking advantage of those quiet moments to get things done or do nothing without feeling guilty. Reaching out and staying connected to friends. Learning to ask for help. Learning to say “No”.