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Luck or Karma?

I’ve been quite fortunate in life. I’m healthy, live in a democratic country where I have rights and freedoms, have many good friends and a husband and family who love me. And I have bananas… anyone with bananas is a lucky, lucky person.

But some people think I have a horseshoe stuck up… where the sun don’t shine. Throughout my academic career I received several well-sized scholarships. I’ve been fortunate to get a lot of good work terms, and now I’m finishing out my position on the IEEE Canada Board that could have gone to many others. Some may call that luck, some may call that reward for hard-work/brains. I don’t think I’m smart… so I’m inclined to go with “a little from column A, a little from column B” in response to that one.

Then there are things that have no explanation. I’m fairly good at winning radio contests and have gotten movie passes, free pool, and tickets for a cover band a chance to win a trip to see the Eagles. I also have a knack for winning prizes at baby/wedding showers.

There’s also the internet. I know, “Nobody wins anything on the internet…”, but I do. Substantial stuff. Like a classical music CD! And, in 2002, a train trip for two across Canada courtesy of Via Rail, that myself and B enjoyed immensely - everyone should take the train through the Rockies once in life.

My latest win is from Air Canada’s “Win the Whole World” contest. A weekly contest, the Grand Prize was a trip for two in Executive class anywhere they fly. I didn’t win that one. What I did won was tickets for two to Australia… we plan to go next March/April for two weeks or so.

But am I lucky, or is it karma? I try to be a good person (well, to everyone but my mother, who really deserves better). I try to help out when I can, whether it be my time or skills or money/donations. I would like to think that being this good person (trying anyway) shifts the cosmos in my favour from time to time. But it probably doesn’t. But wouldn’t that be cool, if by being a better person, better things would happen to you? Wouldn’t that be the way to change the world, by prescribing everyone to help out their neighbour or take up a cause and see life improve.

Wait… that sounds good anyway.