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Breaking Down?

I woke up at 6 am this morning all panicky (is that how one spells it?). That’s been happening to me a bit lately. Not so much waking up, but two or three times last week I was in the middle of something (a conversation, using the photocopy machine, etc.) and I literally stopped in dead panic, trying to remember what it is I think I have forgotten. And since I have a lot to do, it’s quite possible I’ve forgotten something. The past few instances, I don’t think in hindsight there was anything I forgot, still… I could use a Rememberall

I worry about me. I may just be cracking up. So one needs some light-hearted goodness when one is cracking up. I’d appreciate some suggestions, but I have been re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to relax. This is probably about the 8th time I have read it, but this time I’m actually reading ALL the words (I have a bad reading habit - I sometime skim trying to get to the end). But this time, the book is better than I remember and the details! It really is awesome! I’ve also been ganging up on the weeds in the gardens with my new-fangled dandelion puller.