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Monday Is Worse Than Usual

So, this time last week I was saying my good-byes to the new and old friends I met in Tampa at IEEE Sections Congress (check out the Photo Gallery for pics!). To some I was saying, “See you next week in Cancun!”, where we would all be for the Region 9 Student Congress. My personal plans were to fly down there on the 23rd (i.e. yesterday) for some beaching and snorkelling. I recall sitting in the Starbucks in the hotel (yes, I am pretentious) and watching CNN where they’re discussing Tropical Storm Wilma, thinking, “I hope it doesn’t get too bad.”

Well, today, instead of sitting on a beach planning a presentation for the Central and South American IEEE students, I am sitting at my desk, as Wilma leaves much destruction behind in Cancun as she hits the beaches of Florida. In a way, I feel rather shallow writing this - I mean, I thank God that there were only a few deaths and that many are safe, but there are some people who will take months to recover in terms of their houses, jobs, etc. and I’m complaining that my beach time was taken away? - but I’m also a little disappointed. The Congress will be rescheduled but I really have to finish off my research and might not beable to go. And my term as Student Rep is coming to an end, and I might not see some of these awesome people again.

So here’s to you, as I sip my Tim Horton’s and not a cafe con leche. Have a great week, and good luck to those who are trying to recover, and to those who are planning for the new RRR.