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They're Boobs, Get Over It

I don’t understand it. Half the world have breasts (well, more than half the world, men have nipples too and some do have “man breasts”). Yes, they can be a sexual symbol. But they’re also life-giving to the smallest of infants - a mother’s milk provides nutrients and nourishment and breast-feeding creates a special bond. What’s wrong with that? Why do people still have issues when it comes to talking or showing breast-feeding in public? In New Brunswick, the Irvings feel it’s not right to publicly show it. They pulled an issue of their “Here” magazine because of the cover shot, of a young baby breast-feeding. They replaced it with a stylized cartoon of a mother holding a baby in a blaket. The shot isn’t crude, it’s natural… it’s what happens all the time and, as noted in the article, needs to be encouraged more, as NB has the lowest rate of breast-feeding in the country. The original cover grabs attention… the new one could be any magazine covering any baby-related article.

CBC article: Irvings fire editor over breastfeeding cover