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Skillet Sensations Sensationally Suck

I have a love-hate relationship with Lean Cuisine. I love the convenience of buying a low-fat, low-calorie meal that just pops in the microwave for a few minutes and voila! Hot lunch for less than $5! And I do love some of the flavours (DO try Chicken Carbonara). But I’ve some experiences in the past that have been, well, disgusting. One I remember in particular involves an Alfredo sauce-based dinner that leaves me gagging to this day.

But Lean Cuisine makes, in addition to its zappable products, a line of quick-cooking stove-top dishes, Skillet Sensations. We picked up one a while ago and thought, “Why not?”. The package lists it as being two servings of lean meat and crisp veggies. Sounds good, especially when we are trying to eat healthier and save money. Hubby Brian cooked it last night for supper…. but we didn’t eat it for supper. The reason for this was the fact that the “two servings” contained within would only fill two people if those two people happened to be 5-year olds… with the stomach flu and thus no appetite. Really, really small portions. Not even Lean Cuisine micro-meal sized. How disappointing.

So we scrounged some other stuff together for lunch, and I volunteered to take the Skillet leftovers for lunch today, (hey, waste not want not, right?) and packaged them all up in a 1.5-cup-sized Ziplock container. Heated it up at lunchtime today, and proceeded to eat a bite. Hmmm… not great. Meat a little on the bland side. Veggies kinda mushy. I was not enjoying this. And then…. CRUNCH. Not the crunch of a crisp veggie I was promised. No, this was the crunch of a mystery meat piece.

Well, that killed my SKillet Sensation experience. Now, I’m sipping my soup and eating the sandwich I bought at the cafe. There goes my attempt to save money… grrr.