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From the "I Thought He Was Dead... ?" Files

I’ve been listening to Toronto’s The Edge 102.1 the past few days, and I just heard something that almost made me physically ill. No joke. Paul Anka (famed Canadian crooner, you’ve all heard “Diana”, “Put Your Head on my Shoulder”) has a new CD of rock covers called ”Rock Swings”. Check out the track listing. They played “Black Hole Sun”. I nearly lost lunch. It’s nauseously bad.

Didn’t Pat Boone do this a few years back? I’m all for “musical experiments”, but Paul Anka and Kurt Cobain should NEVER be on the same side of HMV (he massacres “Smells Like Teen Spirit” too!), let alone as credits on the same CD. NEVER.

But the “Wonderwall” cover seems kinda catchy… sort of.