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Thanks for the Normalcy

I’ve been privy to a large number of conversations as of late, with a wide range of people, about the people they know - family close and by marriage, friends, co-workers. And I’ve come to a great but startling conclusion - a good 99% of the people I am related to (directly or via marriage) or know (friends, fellow students and those working close to me) are normal.

Now, I don’t mean in the sense that you’re all sane - that, I’m not qualified to judge. But after hearing horror stories of the things people say to one another with some forethought, the weird things people do to hurt or annoy each other, just the way people treat one another - man, the weird world is full of oddballs and a$$holes. And I’m fortunate to know and interact with almost none of them and no one remotely like them.

There are a few people who I’d rather not associate with, but because of what they’ve said or done to friends of mine - I don’t hold a personal grudge with them myself. In fact, there is one person that I’ve met in the past 15 years that I “hold a grudge” with. What he wrote/said, I’ll never forget… but I know I was right, he was wrong and petty and had issues that needed to be dealt with. I will still speak politely with him if stuck in an elevator. And he’s likely not reading this.

So to the rest of you who aren’t that person… thanks y’all.