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Weekend Update

I hate Mondays. Today, not much has gone right. I’ve been struggling to get geekOS to work on any computer I own, but I suspect the version of cygwin I have is not compatible with it.

Okay, enough nerd talk. Makes me feel tired.

My weekend got off to an exciting start… on Thursday, when we went off for supper at Mama Soula’s in honour of Nikki’s birthday. Good times, good food. Friday the fun continued when Wesley, our foster beagle, was on the news with Karl Wells, to represent the beagles needing homes. He did good - in fact, he spent a lot of Saturday at the mall hanging out with bikers. Friday evening we crashed Dave’s house and had some drinks. Fun, relaxing. Saturday night, we took money from friends in a friendly poker game. Sunday, I argued with my computer and had the ‘rents over for BBQ (Brian cooked, I “hosted”).

Now you’re up to date on my life. I need a summer plan to finish my thesis, research, TA work and lost 25 pounds. I’ll pay dearly for a solution that works.

Sidenote: For a wedding present, we got 600-count bed sheets, and have since never been able to go back. We purchased some 420-count sheets at Costco this weekend, and I never want to leave bed again. They feel sooo nice.