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Olympic Spirit, or Lack Thereof

I’m lucky enough to be drinking some wine, sitting with B and watching TV tonight. We’re waiting for the Olympic Opening Ceremony to start. I’m not “into” the Games, generally it’s not my thing. I’m interested in seeing who was chosen to light the flame, and I do want to see Clara Hughes (apology if mispelled) bring in the flag… I find her determination and dedication inspiring. I guess the same would be true if I knew more about some of the other athletes. But other than hockey, curling and speed skating, I have no plans to watch any sports. I find some of the practises of VANOC and IOC to be insulting, ridiculous and wasteful. I do wish the athletes the best and hope the folks I know in Vancouver have a good time (and aren’t too inconvenienced by the Games). But I don’t plan on catching much of the coverage.