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Feel-good TV - Hoarders

Having some time before bed and not wanting to do anything useful or productive, I turned on the TV. I came across the show “Hoarders”. I’ve heard about it but have never seen it until now. Gotta say, it makes me feel a little better about the state of our basement. :)

But I can somewhat relate to the whole hoarding problem. Has someone (or your inner voice) made you feel guilty for letting food go to waste? Or throwing away something that you might use in future? Have you bought something you didn’t really like or didn’t really need because it was an amazing bargain? I’ve done all these at some point. There is no real logic behind it. Now take those minor feelings, multiply them, and you’ve got yourself a hoarder.

I don’t think I’ll make “Hoarders” a regular part of my TV watching, but it’s a good reminder to keep buying and “keeping” in check. And to clean a bit more of the basement.