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The Fickle TV Gods

Read this story over my lunch hour, and I gotta admit, this particular episode sounds hilarious!

‘Arrested Development’ going all out

I’ve heard from numerous sources that the show is/was funny… the one episode I did see was great, so why didn’t I take it up as a show to watch? I think it was a combo of too many shows already on my plate, on the night on which it fell (Sunday and then Monday, both TV-reserved nights). I hope it does awesome in DVD release and gets pulled back in, or that Home Builders Organization takes up the cause. :)

Ah well, I plan on watching less TV anyway. But ’Scrubs’ is back… and Zach Braff is dreamy. :) I’ll watch some Scrubs, or record it at least. Why did ‘Joey’ get the Thursday slot over this show?

Caught ‘Rabbittown’ last night on CBC, one of three new comedies they are demoing, and based on feedback they’ll likely select one to produce. I have to say, I didn’t enjoy the pilot. I’m not sure if that’s because, as a Newfoundlander, it offended me a little (though it is funny to think of erotic tradiotional Newfoundland dancing, swing your partner Sally Tibbo), or if it really just wasn’t my cup of tea (a lot of people like ‘Trailer Park Boys’, but I’m not a fan, I think it’s a bit crude), or if it was just really bad. I’ll have to see what the rest of the world who watched it (and on an average night of CBC, that can’t be more than 50 people).

And ‘The West Wing’, of which I am a fan, was dealt a major blow in mid-Decembre with the death of John Spencer, who played vice-presidential candidate and former Cheif of Staff Leo McGarry. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.