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Happy New Year!!

So, 2006 is a little over a day-and-a-half old, and while I’ve done nothing productive, nothing bad has happened… to me, that I know about. While I’ll miss 2005 a little, in all honesty it was too stressful. I know life inherently has some stress, but it was getting me down. So I did absolutely nothing school-related over the past two weeks… and it was nice. It was a goood break.

My main goal/resolution for 2006 is to try not to do things that make me too unhappy or too stressed. One of those things that is causing me much stress and unhappiness is school, and since my funding has run out, I’m currently looking for a real engineering job. I’ll continue the Masters work (which, yes, I’m getting near the end of) on a part time basis. And because I enjoy volunteer work, I’ll continue that, but no new commitments other than what’s already on my plate. I have two main ones for this upcoming year, new ones from last year (good luck Randy with RSR, I’m here for ya!) but I’m sure I’ll have fun and learn lots, and make a difference.

Another goal/resolution I have is to be healthier, and it does go hand-in-hand with the first. It upsets me that I’ve become a larda$$, and my clothes doesn’t fit properly, and I’m not in shape. So with the help of Weight Watchers (again) and Nubody’s, I’ll get to a place where I like my body (ideally, I’d like to be 15 lbs. light in three months when we go on vacation, and 40 lbs. lighter by my birthday in September) and my level of fitness.

A final goal/resolution I have set is to do more things for myself. Again, it goes with the first goal. Reviewing 2005 in my head, I realized that too often, I put the needs and wants of others ahead of my own and, as a result, do things I never really wanted to do. It’s okay to say “No” when asked to sit in on a seminar I find super-boring, or go to a movie or party I don’t want to. I worry in these cases that I’l disappoint and upset the people who are asking, when really it’s not that big a deal.

So… let’s go 2006!