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Sex (Movies) on the Weekend

This past weekend was full of sex movies for me, and none of them were porn. Friday night we rented Kinsey. It based on the life of the first sexologist, Dr. Alfred Kinsey (or ‘Prok’ as his students, colleagues and even his wife called him) and his work. Liam Neeson does a great job as Kinsey - not once did he make me think of Star Wars. His wife, Clara McMillen or ‘Mac’, is greatly done by Laura Linney. We’re taken a bit through Alfred’s childhood (and are introduced to his largely religious engineer father, played by John Lithgow) but the majority of the movie focuses on relationships - between Prok and Mac and their initial, er, problem, between Prok and his students/colleagues - and on the research he completed detailing the sexual habits of men and women in America. You’ve got to admire the man, who was brave enough to tackle documenting sexual practises at a time when many thought there was only sexual position, and that was man on top, woman on bottom. There’s a great scene with Kinsey and two newlywed students who just aren’t ‘feeling it, and he’s trying to get them to open up about what they do and finds out all these misconceptions they have, but there’s no research to prove otherwise.

Saturday night I got the chance to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. This is by far the funniest movie I have seen in a VERY long time. Andy Stitzer is a guy who collects comic book characters, works at a “big-box” electronics store… he could be a friend of mine. But he’s a little older than the crowd I hang around with, and well….. he’s a virgin. The movie is great in the way it tackles the movie’s theme - to get Andy laid - without making it disgusting or vulgar (no hair gel or pie scenes, in fact there’s only one great masturbation scene in the movie). His friends (well, they start out as co-workers who needed a fifth for their poker game) actually seem to care about him. Jane Lynch plays the store manager, and brings to it bits of Best in Show and A Mighty Wind.