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I've Been Tagged....

… thanks Divinity! You’ll get you comeuppance…..

5 CDs in your player: 1. Sarah Harmer, Jason Euringer - Songs for Clem … and that’s it (my CD player is my CD ROM)…

5 Movies you’ve watched recently: 1. The 40-Year Old Virgin - freakin’ hilarious!!! 2. Kinsey - a really interesting movie 3. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - part of the reason I’m gonna do scuba diving next week 4. Shawn of the Dead - Great movie! 5. Wedding Crashers - Vince Vaughn and hot red head chick!!

5 Nice things that happened to you lately: 1. I found my purple dongle (well, Geoff found it… thanks Geoff!) 2. Have been swimming at Sunshine Camp at sunset for the past three weeks (makes life seem good, swimming at sunset). 3. Wesley cuddled up to me this morning… :) 4. Got to know Nandi, Nikki’s cockatiel. 5. Signed up for scuba diving yesterday!

5 MP3s on your playlist: 1. Counting Crows - “Holiday in Spain” 2. Dave Matthews - “Christmas Song” 3. Paul Simon - “Late in the Evening” 4. Johnny Cash - “A Satisfied Mind” 5. Sarah Harmer - “You Were Here”

5 Friends you’re passing this on to: Brian Geoff Chris Jon Jeff