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I've Discovered Where My Energy Goes.

I’m tired a lot (low blood iron is my current “reason”), even though I get tons of sleep (Brian makes fun of me because I like to get 8 hours of sleep in a night). I’ve developed a theory that those annoyingly energetic people you all know and hate, suck the energy from the rest of us. It’s all pooled together, and some of us get the shalow end of it. Today the energy vampires took the form of twelve 12-year-old boys (get your minds out of the gutters). They were takin part in a mini-enrichment course that I was glad not to be running - my labmate Dilan was doing that. But I was helping, and right around 2pm I felt like I would pass out. Kids are soo tiresome, even when they aren’t being rambuncious. How do parents manage it? Mainlining heroin or speed? Let me know the secret! I want in! I often wonder if I feel more tired than others, or if I’m just wussier than most. I wonder the same for pain, because I think I have a lower tolerance for pain. Is it physical (i.e. things actually hurt more for me than for others) or mental (i.e. it “hurts” the same, but I can’t take it?

For those of you who went to the “Just Letters” link (see below), I have a goal. I’d love to get everyone “there” doing the same thing. It’s really weird to think how to coordinate everyone when you have no real way of communicating, except these letters that others are fighting over. That’s my goal, help me achieve it.

Okay, enough for now. I am off to Saskatoon on Friday for IEEE Canada meetings. I’m taking Diana’s advice and taking a walk, and maybe hitting a gallery or two, when I’m not in the middle of “discussions” and networking. Let me know if you need me to bring you back something.