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Head Down and Run Forward

I’ve been negligent. Apologies. Life is hectic, but not much is happening that’s worth explaining. Trying to work the title-method of progress when it comes to research and prepping for this mini-enrichment course I’m doing with Grade 8-9 kids (it deals with Basic Electric Circuits - I just hope to God no one gets electricuted). Plus reading co-op reports and trying to keep my nice clean house in order (I didn’t do the cleaning, I’ll admit to that).

I was in Saskatoon this past weekend for IEEE meetings. Saskatoon is much nicer than expected, it’s not a void wasteland. It IS flat - amazing to see a street that runs forever, mainly because there are no hills to interrupt it. But it has a beautiful river (South Saskatchewan) with a nice trail. It has friendly people who are more than willing to help. It has at least one great hotel - we stayed at the Saskatoon Inn, which has quite comfy beds, a lush garden of a courtyard and a nice pool in the middle (it’s odd to be swimming in the courtyard, but nice). It has a weird rock bar with a Kiss Tribute band and a coin-operated pool table. Be careful when using the pool table - so friends got taken over and then booted off by a couple of questionably-aged girls.

The next few weeks are packed, so please don’t expect much from me when it comes to insight and depth (wait… I mean dribble and rambling). I’ll be thinking about you though, while I stay afloat.