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A Life of Luxury

Today I went to the spaaaah, with Kerry, Connie, and Roma. The “Kidney girls”, sort of. The Spa at the Monastery is a relaxing oasis in what was once a Catholic monastery (no, the priests did not get manicures and backrubs - it’s retrofitted). We took advantage of their “Vitality Level”, which has: - mineral pool(kind of cool, kind of slimy, but apparently contains a bunch of good things for your skin) - hot tub/whirlpool (ahhhh…. floaty hot goodness with jets on your back) - steam room (just like the movies, it’s so good for opening the pores and so bad for trying to breathe) - iceberg plunge (a small pool with freeezing water that’s supposedly good for firming, if you can stand it) - sauna (heat)

It was good to take a break and just relax. After experiencing the Vitality level, I had my very first massage. Now THAT was good, though I’m a little sore right now. There are parts of my back that are thanking me for that massage. I’ll definitely get another one.