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"Robots" and Updates

An abbreviated version of the Weekly Movie Committee went to see the CG-animated movie “Robots” last night. It has an all-star cast of voices, including Halle Berry, Ewan McGregor, Jim Broadbent, Drew Carrey, and my favorite, Robin Williams. He shines through his character, Fender (hmm… Fender rhymes with Bender, the robot from Futurama). The premise is nice and the message the movie delivers is a good one to remind kids of all ages.. “You can shine no matter what you are made of.” It’s not the type of classic that most Pixar movies (or the Shrek franchise) have become, but it’s entertaining. The animation is fair (nothing uber-cool or ground-breaking because it’s not a real scenario), and the “action” scenes are fun (two thumbs up for the Bigweld City transportation system). If you are looking for something to see in theatres, go see it. But it’s also fair to say you could wait for it to hit Blockbuster.

I’ve added some random categories to the sidebar. You can now see what I’m listening to and/or reading, in Random Songs and Readings. I’ll try to update those each time I update my blog.