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For Woody


](http://www.lorihogan.com/uploaded_images/woody-737994.jpg) A sunny Sunday, 10a.m. I’m letting the dog out to pee again She comes back in, I make some toast A bang on the house, could it be a ghost?

I peer out the curtains; no damage done My eyes adjust to the blinding sun I look to the ground, and there I see The cause of commotion, a downed birdie

I can only assume you were out for a spin Enjoying the autumn, catching the wind Unable to see with your eyes with the glare That it was our front window in front of you there

I’m sorry I couldn’t do much more to aid I went out to see you but you got afraid You tried to escape but with the injuries sustained You could not go far, now you’re no longer pained

But you were a Flicker, red, black and brown A beautiful woodpecker, even when down I hope life was good for you, hope you had friends Sorry about the accident, No hard feelings, the End

(A Northern Flicker flew into our front window Sunday morning… I felt bad, but what’s a girl to do?)