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Well, seems everywhere you turn Newfoundland is making National News for something or another. My basis of this post started over on Fark, where they picked up the Fight Club that got busted up in Corner Brook. Teens are getting more and more dumb, aren’t they? But even dumber are the people who choose to comment on Fark. Even if you don’t know where a place is, there is nothing preventing a person with at least four fingers and an internet connection (which the commenters obviously have) from finding out NF is not part of Europe, and we don’t say aboot. :)

There was also the recent Nissan ad for the Bonavista edition of the Nissan X-Trail that’s got some Newfoundlanders up in arms. (A search of YouTube can find the ad for you if you haven’t seen it). To be perfectly honest, I don’t see anything wrong with the television ad.. in fact, I find it somewhat hilarious. A major bone of contention seems to be the fact that the actor is from Cape Breton and not a Newfoundlander, which is silly (really, they’re just Newfoundlanders we kicked off the West Coast, right? :). It doesn’t seem to be putting down - the seller knows what he’s talking about in terms of the car’s features and fine points. He’s the one in charge of the situation. It may not be exactly how people from Bonavista talk, but that’s not the point. The point is that we have an accent that should be celebrated… and used to sell SUVs:). But a local car dealer, City Honda (who, IMO, do great radio ads), has retaliated.

In general, Newfoundlanders get too touchy over these things sometimes. I have my “Newfoundland boiling points”… don’t ever make the mistake of placing Newfoundland in the Maritime in front of ME. But why can’t we be proud