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Wesley's Woes and Weight Update

It’s been a busy sort of week for my little puppy boy. It started off great last weekend - the Beagle Paws reunion was Sunday at Mundy Pond Visitors’ Centre. We obviously all went. April barked quite a lot, but was generally well-behaved (she may be mellowing). Wesley was the social butterfly, sniffing and being sniffed, and had the record (slowest) time for the obstacle course! We left happy.

On the way home, I had to stop at work to pick something up. It was while I ran to my office that Brian noticed blood in the back seat. Further inspection revealed that Wesley was bleeding - more than a little bit. The source of the blood was detected (cut on the pad of his back right paw) and B did his best to make him comfy while we tried to track down a vet, which is no small task here on a Sunday. After calling their emergency line, we drove towards and sat in the lot of the vet clinic until someone happened to be leaving. But the bleeding was stopped by then, things seemed okay, so we were sent home and told to come back during normal business hours.

Which we did, first thing Monday morning. Dr. Laite saw him and his wound (which by now was doing okay) and deemed him okay… which he seemed to be. But the gosh-darn bandage she put on came off Monday afternoon, and the bleeding stated again. And kept going, everytime he managed to get the bandage off or we needed to change it.

Back to the vet. This time, it bled when she unwrapped it. A lot. There was a concern he may have a clotting problem (think hemophila), but tests for that came back normal (thank goodness). The next step was surgery, to determine if maybe something was in his wound.

So yesterday, my little puppy boy went in for surgery to see what was the cause of the blood. Turns out there was nothing in the wound, but whatever made the cut nicked an artery. Ouch. That was taken care of quickly, and at the same time we had a lump removed form the side of his paw.

So now he is recovering. His exercise is limited for the next 10 days (like that matters to him, he’d be sleeping anyway), he’s got some pills to ward off infection, and he’ll be fine. As will the rest of us. :)

Weight Update: Lost another pound this week, meaning I’m down 16.6 lbs since January. Not a lot but better than up!