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I don’t want to ask the question too loudly for fear Mother Nature will hear me and dump snow on me. But the weekend was great for weather, and the snow is melting… it’s a mood booster to be sure! Next winter I’m buying a sun lamp or investing in some tanning sessions (for my well-being, not for my looks).

My weight-loss has remained rather stale the past few weeks. No gains (yay!) but no losses (boo!). I’m being extra vigilant with the exercise and eating this week. See how that goes.

Countdown to Australia is 11 days and ticking! That’s another mood-booster. I’m actually looking forward to all that time sitting on a plane, doing nothing.

I’ll try to more intelligent/interesting.. perhaps comment on world peace (spent some time reading about Rachel Corrie this weekend… the world is so unfair) or Extreme Ironing. But for now I’ll go get lunch!