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Our Kids Won't Have a Chance

Yet another article indicates children of “analytically-minded parents” (engineers, scientists and such) have a higher chance of being diagnosed with autism, or have autistic tendencies.

Scientific Brain Linked to Autism

Anyone who knows myself and B know that we’re not the most co-ordinated people (we’re “accident-prone”, to put it nicely), and to some degree with both suffer from skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, etc… B even has a skin scarring condition normally associated with African-Americans and those of South-East Asian descent). We spent part of last night reviewing the medical history of the Kidney clan, and there are a few problems in there.

So, given genetics and luck, I’m fairly certain our kids will be born with glasses, flat feet, green skin and a “Kick-Me” sign.

But seriously, what’s wrong with being detail minded and lacking interest in social skills? Now I must go finish the updated life-plan spreadsheet. :)