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My Abs Are Staging a Protest

I went to the gym today and partook in a “step-and-ball” class. Got a workout, greatly enjoyed it. But now, 3 hours later, my abdominal muscles are like, “Hey! We’ve spent quite some time hiding under that excess fat are your mid-section… we wanna stay hidden thanks very much!” Thus I’m already stiff. I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like…

But it’s a good day, including soreness (“it’s a good pain”, said the masochist). I’m currently in school working on thesis/research work. For those not aware, I am now a part-time student and full-time contract employee of C-Core (I am now a practising engineer!), so my Masters work has taken a backseat to work. But I am actually enjoying doing this research today. I think the step away from it is a good thing. But I will finish within this winter semester - my goal is to finish the first draft before leaving for Australia on April 14th, leaving it with a bunch of loving friends who will edit it for me while I’m gone. :)

Speaking of goals, I’m back on the Weight Watchers wagon. I know what some people may think (“It’s a cult!”) but you know what: it works. I lost 40+ lbs last time I was OP (on program), and I can do it again, this time with the realization that it can come back. So far, I’m three weeks in and 6 lbs lighter!