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Family - Love Them But....

It’s amazing that the people I’ve known the longest (i.e. my parents) are the ones I understand the least. My mother in particular - she has lately been driving me mad, to the point that I nearly smacked my phone off the floor earlier in frustration. She always (ALWAYS) calls around 9am each morning, and if I’m lucky I get an encore after lunch.

Typical morning conversation… Me:”Hello?” Her:”Hello, lovely morning isn’t it?” Me:”I guess so.(Note, at this point I’ve gone from house-car-school in sleepy stupor)” Her:”What did you do after last night? (Because she calls home at around 8pm, she’s gotten the report up to then.)” Me:”Not much, (one of) watched TV/saw a movie/played poker/did work/killed a man to watch him die (Honestly, I don’t think she listens to what I’m saying anyway).” Her:”Did you see Canadian/American Idol? That so-and-so, he’s some good.” Me:”No, I don’t watch it (which she should know by now).” Her:”I’ve got so-and-so today (Mom baby-sits). We’re gonna go to the park and McDonalds. Your father’s gone out for a walk, and he’s got to go pay some bills, and then we’re going to drop some mail over to your house. Well, ohhhhhkayyyyyy, gotta go bye.” Me:”Talk to you later.” Her:”Ohhhhhhkayyyyyyy, bye, did you know… (proceeds with something related to a murder in Mozambique or a kidnapping of triplets in Kentucky).” Me:”Yup, read that on CNN (maybe, I just want to get on with my day!).” Her:”Ohhhkayyyy, bye.” Me:”Bye”. Her:… well, sometimes the call can continue in this fashion for another minute or so

Typical mid-day conversation… Me:”Hello?” Her:”Helllooooo, were you out earlier?” Me:”Yes (annoyance creeping in - how many times did she call?), why?” Her:”Just calling to say it’s a lovely day, isn’t it? Me and so-and-so went for a walk and played in the park, and went to McDonalds. Now he/she is lied down on the couch.” Me:”Sounds nice.” Her:”Well, ohhhhkayyyy, talk to you later.” Me:”Yup. Talk to you later.” Her:”Ohhhkayyyy. (Hang up)”.

ARGH! Why? Why call and have the same conversation twice a day? Nothing exciting happens in my life (between breakfast and lunch I didn’t run away and join the circus) and nothing new happened in her life in that four-hour period! I realize she’s bored, possibly a little lonely because she doesn’t have many/any friends, but I’ve resorted to holding the phone slightly away and saying “Yup” in the pauses.

How do I deal?