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Separation Anxiety, or Lack Thereof

I don’t want to brag too much, but I went out TWO nights last weekend. On Friday night I was honored to be a judge for some Senior ECE student presentations, and Brian stayed home with Baby J. On Saturday night, Brian and I went to a movie (“Source Code”, which I enjoyed, but not the topic of conversation), and the grandparents spent a few hours basking in his glow.

I have no hesitation in leaving Baby J for a few hours, providing he’s in capable hands (which he certainly was in the above cases).  I’ve heard of new parents who go months before leaving their child for a social evening. I’m far too logical for that. I mean, I wouldn’t be going too far or for very long (not that breastfeeding would allow that) stop they’d less of a chance of missing an important development, and in case of emergency there’s not much more I can do that Nan can’t.

Not that I’m dissing those who can’t bear to part with their little people. I kind of envy their resolve. And not that I don’t question my bond with Baby J when I can go out for a few hours and come home to a happy baby who didn’t notice I was gone. But I’m okay with that.

And I’m not completely rational. Please don’t ask when we’re moving him to his crib. :)