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I Have a Blog, Might as Well Use It!

I’m going to start blogging again… why?

  1.  I have a lovely new little baby boy (let’s call him Baby J), and need another outlet to describe just how lovely he is and post countless pics that are practically indistinguishable from each other.

  2.  As a result of (1), I am on maternity leave and have a lot more free  time than I used to… when I’m not eating bonbons and watching my soaps, of course. Wait, I can do that AND blog, because I can multi-task.

  3. Partly as a result of (2), I don’t chat with as many people who don’t wear diapers as I used to (at least, I assume most of my co-workers and colleagues don’t wear diapers. Note, I have nothing against people, young or old, who do wear diapers). I can’t influence others with my intelligent opinions and witty insights in person, so I need to harass the general public via the internet.

  4.  Referencing (3), though I’ve tried, I can’t be all that intelligent-sounding in 140 characters (a la Twitter). I’m hoping to sound more intelligent when allowed more words. Hence the move back to “rambling”.

  5. Because I secretly hope to someday get a book deal, or influence a movie plot, or at least get some free swag for shamelessly selling out and writing positive reviews for something… anything… I’m not picky.