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Musings on Time, Revisited

A short time back, I “spoke” about time, and making it my bitch, and spending more time doing things I enjoy rather than taking on extra tasks and responsibilities. Not to toot my own horn too much, but so far so good. February and March were largely free of tasks I said “Yes” to instead of thinking things through. I even gasp dropped a commitment and blantantky disregarded an invite to be involved in something I’d normally jump all over being involved with. Yay me!

I have one HUGE task left to do that I don’t really wanna do, but sooo want to get to the end of. My Masters thesis. The bane of my existence. The thorn in my side, and main thing that keeps me awake at night (though I sleep fairly well, to br honest). One thing I do have goals for, fairly ambitious ones. And on Friday I need to submit a form asking for an extension. Admitting that hey, I’m not as quick as your average bear doing a M.Eng, but I declare that I AM going to finish. If they’ll let me. Maybe they won’t approve my extension, in which case I’ll have a great cry and move on.

But let’s be positive. I am making thesis progress, slowly and painfully. I am taking time for me, and cutting back on taking on tasks that aren’t worth the aggravation they cause.