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My Thoughts on Harry Potter, as Voiced by Someone Else

I was one of many who lined up at Chapters on Friday evening to get my pre-ordered copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… I’ve been counting down the days, spent the past few months re-reading the previous books for clues as to the fate of the wizarding world. I devoured it Saturday, but not in the manner I’ve read the previous releases; I read it quickly in careful chunks, wanting to let what was happening sink in rather than letting events tangle and blur in my mind (because, not to give anything away to those waiting to read it, but it IS an action-packed book). Some make fun of me for only reading every second word, and while that’s not true, once my copy of the book returns back to me I will be re-reading at a more leisurely pace, to enjoy the company of characters I’ve watched grow and develop over a seven-year span. This article from CBC perfectly fits my thoughts on the series and what it has meant in the bigger picture. We even jumped into the series at the same time, and while we’ll both miss Harry and the gang (my favorite has always been Hermoine, but not how she is portayed in the movies… the Hermoine I see when reading will always be the Hermoine I first pictured when reading), the series is over and that’s that. But for a brief while, millions of Muggles have been simultaneously enthralled by a tale of external and internal struggle.