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Summer of Doing?

I’ve been talking to friends and stalking more on Facebook, wedding invites are arriving at our mailbox, and it’s hit me… the weather is getting better (knock wood), summer is coming and people are starting to make plans. I vaguely recall starting last summer with great plans of what I would see, do and accomplish… only to blink and find that summer was over and nothing was done. (This is a constant theme, for anyone who’s been reading my blabbering for a while).  I’m adament… almost mad.  Not this summer will life pass me by, gosh darn it!

Now, when you see the below list you will realize that I need help from others to accomplish some most of this.  But life is too short to hesitate.  You never know where life will take us next summer, and I don’t want to reach September with the same feeling of disappointment.

Summer Activities/Tasks/Goals

1.  Go diving!

2.  Go camping in Terra Nova.

3.  Spend a weekend out at Northern Bay Sands.

4.  Get the bedroom closet and things under the bed “permanently” organized (i.e. come up with a system).

5.  Establish an exercise routine.

6.  Fix the dining room floor/door, and by necessary extension the front door.

7.  Go camping at Lamanche.

8.  Hike to the Spout (overnight optional).

9.  Get the spare rooms in organized shape.

10.  Get research/thesis progressed to a state where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.