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More Money, Less Problems?

The Newfoundland government released its annual budget yesterday.  I don’t claim to be (a) one who follows politcs all that much or (b) one who understands economics a heck of a lot, but this budget seems by and large good for the province.  For once, I can see myself pretty much immediately affected: my student loan interest rate will be going down, and the rate at which I am taxed by the province of Newfoundland on my income will be going down.  And that makes me happy.

As was probably the goal of the budget, to appease the voters before heading into a Fall 2007 election.  Some may view that as sinister, but let’s be fair… what government isn’t going to try such a tactic?

The only thing left to see is if (a) the promises actually stick beyond this year and (b) if this budget doesn’t put us further in a hole (there was even money allocated for debt payment, so I think they have that in mind).