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Home, right now. Enjoying Good Friday, as I hope everyone is, and hopefully a great Saturday and a wonderful Easter Sunday.

But soon (Monday evening, in fact) I am off to the Netherlands for business. Back home late on the 16th (to a Brian-less house, as he is travelling to the Netherlands for business on the 13th… don’t worry, chances of us seeing eachother there are slim to none, the gods aren’t overlooking that one), and gone again for an IEEE meeting in Vancouver (yay, Div!) very early on the 20th. (Brian returns later on the 20th.. again, the gods aren’t giving us THAT chance to see eachother either). Barring bad weather, bad karma, etc., I’m back in town on the 23rd… just in time to go on vacation on the 27th (yay, Geoff!). Back from THAT on May 6th, and no travel for at least a month. So if anyone needs postcards, souvenirs, etc. please let me know!