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Q1 Update

House’s recent recap of his resolutions made me go back to my own… and I realize I’m not gettin’ very far. Here’s my update…

  • I’ve been on and off the “healthy living” bandwagon since the start of the year, and as such I won’t be making my 15lb. loss mark before heading to see Geoff in Northern California. But despite work and IEEE travel between now and then, I will get back on it and stick with it. I’ve got a bridesmaid dress to look good for in August, and other things to get in shape for…

  • sigh I’ve been doing decently with keeping my extra-curricular activities organized, though I haven’t kept it all to one night (I had designated Monday night as such). But I need to do more to get on top of some of the bigger commitments, ie IEEE Canada. Please, someone, nag me (not you House… I’m saving you for something else)… Randy?

  • Academics… huh? What’s dat? Ya, I’ve done little/nothing in the past three months in this area. I’ve wanted to, but I haven’t put the energy into it. And to be honest, I’m not gonna until at least after vacation…. but barring any extra work that comes up, I expect to be done my draft by the end of the year, and plan to use some of my four weeks annual leave to make that happen.

In other news, I spent the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston at an IEEE meeting.  The meetings went well, socializing was fun (though I did not drink any green beer… instead I had a seafood hangover).  The trip home was a bit of a pain - delayed out of Boston meant landing in Montreal when the plane to St. John’s was supposedly taking off, rushed through customs and was told by the ticket lady (who wrangled us boarding passes after our flight had been “closed”) to run run run all the way to the gate.  Little old out of shape Lori (see first bullet point) is in extreme debt to Rob, who ran ahead to let them know we were coming… only to find that the plane had just gotten to the gate.  Argh.  So we made the flight with plenty of time, though my luggage didn’t, it came the next day.  Pics (of Boston, not of my luggage) to be posted soon.