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Another New Year, Another Set of Resolutions

Happy 2007! As per tradition, here are the things I resolve to do/accomplish/achieve for this calendar year. Many are leftover from last year… I’ll just keep chugging along on those ones I guess! I’ve broken it into the goal and the plan. What: Get in shape. How: Get to the gym for at least 30 minutes, at least three times a week. Follow WW again. Take puppies for a walk every day, weather-permitting. Try not to let weather become an excuse. What: Get back on track with my “extra-curricular” commitments… committee work and such. How: Get all outstanding tasks done by mid-January. Set aside one night a week (default will be Monday) at least to work on these things. Don’t freak out if work or family gets in the way. Make it a goal to have tasks completed within two weeks of undertaking. What: Continue my pusuit of academia, a.k.a. finish the thesis, for fall convocation if things go well. How: Reacquaint myself with the research I’ve done to date, by end of January. Then devote one afternoon each weekend to working on it. Take some vacation time (four/five days) in February/March to work on it exclusively. Have as much of a draft of thesis done before going on vacation in April. Those are good for now, right?