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Wow!! I was having such a bad week with health and stress issues (save Tuesday’s night banquet, see below) and then my West Coast friend Divinity (through whom I’ve travelled vicariously quite a bit! :)) sends me these! Not only are the flowers beautiful, but the vase is all stripey and perfect for any type of flower in the future (I may try some bamboo in my office in the near future). I am very appreciative… thanks chick! I’ll remember you (and your address) as I head out on some business trips in the next few months.


Earlier this week was OceanSAR 2006, a radar-for-ocean-technologies workshop for which I was web-master (or is it web-mistress?). Anyhoo, at the workshop banquet at the Fairmont Tuesday night (blackened halibut for main course, chocolate mousse cake for dessert… yummy), the organizing committee recognized the work of myself and a colleague who did FAR more than I in planning for this thing with a basket of flowers. They did leak when I brought them back to the table, but luckily the tablecloth covered up my “mess”.


The health is improving. I visited the Student Health Centre yesterday (and tried to ignore the Norwalk buzz that filled the waiting room), got assurances that my cold will improve if I keep up my vitamins and syrups, got some anti-inflammatories for the stiff neck, and a pat on the head. Stress-wise, work is still chock-full of challenges, but something that wasn’t working yesterday is today, so that’s the start of something good. And tomorrow IS Friday… a slightly long weekend… enjoy it! :)