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The Last Chance?

Okay, must get this out of the way before starting the post.

Zach Braff is dreamy.

Okay, let’s continue. Last night I took in the movie “The Last Kiss” with B, Nikki, Kerry and Carla (who is the only one of us without a blog… jump on the bandwagon!). I’m a big fan of Zach Braff (see above statement), of Scrubs, of the last movie I saw him in, Garden State, which he also directed. I’m also a fan of Crash, the Academy Award winning movie cco-written by Paul Haggis, who wrote this adaptation of a 2001 Spanish movie. I think Rachel Bilson, from The O.C. (which, I must admit, I’ve seen maybe half an episode), is a cutie. Thus, it seem only fair I like this movie.

And I did, for the most part. Zach plays the part of Michael, a 29 year old architect (pet peeve - the ratio of architects on TV/movies compared ot the number present in real life is way to disproportionate… why aren’t there more engineers in pop culture?) who is about to be a daddy. He lives with his girlriend/babymommy Jenna (played by Jacinda Barrett, who to me seemed almost too mature for her role), who we gather is a PhD student in something-or-other (that’s not important I guess… a commentary on the roles women play, or am I reading too much in there?), but is afraid of marriage. At a friend’s wedding he chats up a young hottie Kim (Rachel Bilson), and admits he’s in a crisis… and things play out from there. I don’t want to say too much, but you can probably guess what happens.

I think the movie deals with a lot of issues that many people my age are facing (whether they realize it or wish to admit it)right now - growing up, becoming committed (in relationships, not in the psych ward), buying property, having kids, etc. etc. when you really don’t feel old enough for it. I can definitely relate to that. Ten years ago, I figured by the time I got to where I am right now (turned 27 a week and a half ago, celebrated our second anniversary two days ago, own a house and two dogs), I’d feel more mature. I’d act more mature. But nope… most days I feel like an imposter, acting like an adult and hoping no one will catch on and ground me for a month for drinking and staying out so late.

So, I’d suggest seeing it. But it’s just as good watched curled up on the couch than in the theatre.