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I'm Still Alive, Honest!

It’s been busy lately. The “start of fall” (which, yes, technically isn’t until September 23 this year, but forever in my mind fall always starts once Labour Day has passed and school starts) always awakens a flurry of activity as we shake of the lazy hazy summer days.

Last weekend found me in Toronto hosting an IEEE workshop, this time for GOLD. In my opinion and despite my best procrastination efforts, it went well, and I think most would agree. I must definitely admit that I need some help in keeping track of time and keeping conversations on track. And to learn that 5:00am is not the best time to do slides. But… whatever. No one got hurt. The work’s not over, not by a long shot. But the pressure is less.

Work is interesting, though I sometimes feel isolated at my desk, programming and writing. I like the company, like most of the people most of the time (there are always times when the best people get on your nerves, and there are some people who will always clash), and like the projects.

I leave it here for now. Be good!