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Six Degrees of Blog Separation

We’re all aware by now that everyone on earth is connected to anyone else to by five intermediary people. So, if you’ve got some time on your hands, try this…

Start with a link on your blog that leads to the website/blog of someone YOU KNOW… no celebs unless you could stop them at the supermarket and have a real chat with them. That’s link #1. From their page, select a link of someone (a) you do not already have linked on your page, preferably (b) that you don’t know and if possible (c) is someone THEY know (I know, I’m making this far too complicated). That’s link #2. And so it continues, until you get to link #6.

It’s both easier and harder than you’d think. Some people don’t have links on their site to friends (does this mean they don’t have friends? Hmm…). Some people have the same links that I do. And some people haven’t updated in forever, thus I’ve discounted them.

I took the following path: Link #1 - Me to Earl Link #2 - Earl to Nancy Link #3 - Nancy to Vicky Link #4 - Vicky to Mumbling Monkey Link #5 - Monkey to Heather Link #6 - Heather to Mouse, a blogging whippet-like dog who has bad spelling but I’m sure means well, and now has a CUNTINNUS DAG FIDIR! He is happy.