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All Alone With the Internet

I got this idea from reading a Globe and Mail piece today (link may not work, I think it only points to the daily story). You gotta admit it - you’ve done it to yourself, maybe when bored or to pass the time, or because others were doing it. You’ve Googled )yourself.

So, today I’m finding my dopplegoogles. I don’t count the other Lori Hogan I know of locally (a relative of some sort, at the very least my first-cousin’s sister-in-law) because I didn’t find her web presence (though I know she’s gotten my internal mail before). I’m pleased to see (at least through google.ca) I’m on the top. I like it on top when I Google myself. Among the list of dopplegoogles we have: - Administrative Assistannt to the American Footbal Coaches Association - Too bad I don’t like football… - Associate Jazzercise Instructor in New Jersey - … and have no coordination … - Head Coach of Girl’s Cross Country @ Moore High School - … and can’t run - Bird Book Designer - … but maybe I can do that, I like birds… - PR/Communications Manager of Jackson Hole - … and can relate to the public!