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Three Weeks to Get There, One to Enjoy?

Actually just said by a (former) celebrity Brandie Someone-or-Other in the Showcase Showdown of “The Price is Right” on “Gameshow Marathon”, some sort of celebrity… well, gameshow marathon… “Is the trip by boat or by plane?”.

The Showcase in question included a boat AND a trip to Sydney Australia. Maybe she’s one of three North Americans over the age of 20 who has never seen Bob Barker work his magic, and doesn’t understand how the show works. But dear Lord woman, I hope you aren’t serious… a boat trip to Australia isn’t a PRIZE, it’s what the did to criminals a few hundred years back from England!

Generally speaking, it’s funny to see people who probably haven’t done their own grocery/furniture/anything shopping (well, paying for it) in years determine the cost of a couch or the Tums. Thank god they have talent… or a good agent, or they’d be screwed.

Sorry… I’m kind of rambling. As you were.