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Back to Reality in Full Force - Final Installment

Realized I never finished the Australia story off. But we were at the airport, so it’s not much longer now. The only real “eventful” part of the flight home was the stop in Honolulu. As per the previous trip, we had to deplane (is “plane” a verb too?). But since there wasn’t a US Customs to go through in Sydney, we had to do this in Honolulu, with everyone else from the plane, pretty much at the same time. Long line, late night (well, out-of-whack body clock for sure), very cranky. Get our passports stamped (I was here?). Head down a stairway, outside arrivals to get to a fire exit door (with signs directing us to go this way… otherwise I’d think it was shady) to go up stairs to get to security. Yes, then we got to go through Security… and it’s Americans running it, so you practically need to get naked before heading through the metal detector. Put pants back on, shoes back on, gather belongings and… wait. In an airport with absolutely nothing open… despite the fact that flights are indeed coming and going, and there is a dollar to be made, and dammit it’s hot in an open-air airport, I could use a Frappucinno! So instead of that, I sit next to the gate and make chit-chat with strangers (I hate making chit-chat with strangers, BTW… I may start breaking out in hives next time I do it). Then we board, and off to Vancouver, where we arrive… at the exact same time and date that we departed Sydney, 17 hrs earlier. Silly international dateline.

The couple of hours to kill in Vancouver pass quickly, as do the few in Toronto (yay Lush!) and then… home. :)

And since then, I’ve been playing catch-up, and planning life, and determing when the hell I’m going to do everything. It’ll get done. But if you see me half-asleep with my eyes closed, don’t wake me - I may be back on the Reef with the Nemo fish.