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Holy Humidity, Batman!!

We are now in Cairns. Got here this morning, on a quite comfy flight that was continuing to Tokyo (nope, not on my itinerary). I say the flight was quite comfy because I slept through most of it, in spite of this nagging little cough/cold I’ve developed.

After arriving at the hostel (I’ll give a better review of the hostel later, but I’ll say it’s not up the same as the other two we’ve stayed in thus far), we went on a mission - a short mission. We dropped into the dive shop we’re taking our dive trip with, got fitted for wet suits (OMG! It’s sooooo much easier to move in a 4mm wetsuit, even putting it on is easier, and we have full boot fins!! So different from the frigid North Atlantic).

Later in the evening we went to Reef Teach, a two hour performance/presentation on the fish and coral you can see, along with tips for leaving things as you found them. Dude (who’s name escapes me… I’ll update the post with his name) was awesome!! I wish he taught ECE courses in the same manner… class attendance would skyrocket!

I’ll digress to yesterday’s wine tour another time. It was good… but I gotta run. I’ll let you know how diving went when we get back!