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Walking, Walking, Walking

That’s how to sum up Monday. We put our walking shoes on and, well, walked. First up George St. (not like the one in St. John’s, sorry, it’s just a road) in search of a dive shop, to enquire about dive medical stuff. But the one we were seeking was not yet open because of the Easter Monday holiday. So we kept on walking. Along the way we saw Sydney’s Town Hall, a bunch of stores, some great architecture and more. And finally we got to Circular Quay and the Rocks, the birthplace of “modern” Australia really (it’s the place where all the convicts got let off). Some beautiful buildings, quaint little alleyways and winding roads (note to self: they drive on the left!! Gotta remember to start looking that way when stepping off the curb). A gorgeous harbour, and views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Just stunning… had to sit for a while to soak it in. Then more walking, up to the Bridge and across it. On the way back visited the Pylon Lookout, a museum in the south-west pylon of the bridge, dedicated to the history of the bridge and nabbing a great view of the bridge and the crazy bridge-climbers (those with the money and balls to don a suit, strap themselves in and climb).

Next stop was the Opera House, but first, lunch! In keeping with the budget we dined at Subway, where the subs taste the same but the cookies are a bit off. Caught a bit of live jazz as well. On our way around Circular Quay stopped to watch a contortionist put herself in a plexi-glass box (let’s say it was fun to watch - she was hilarious and bendy). We took an hour-long tour of the Opera House with a group led by Troy… what a gorgeous building with such an interesting history!!

Then, after walking for an hour around the Opera House, we walked some more! Through the Botanical Gardens, past Mrs Maqueries Point and Chair, and down to the Hard Rock for a shot glass (which they were out of) and supper (which was discounted because of a coupon). Then back here, where we passed out at 7:30pm.

I will post more pics later, and write when I get the chance, but right now I need some breaky! Cheers!