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Peace Talks With Seals....

Dear God. I just finished watching “Larry King Live”. Sir Paul McCartney and his lovely wife were debating with Danny Williams on the seal hunt. The McC’s are here in Canada on behalf on US Humane Society to protest the hunt based on its cruelty. Danny, on behalf on Canada, was trying to set him straight on a few things. Larry the Owl was moderating.

Note to celebrities: if you’re gonna jump on a cause, learn about it first. Paul seems fairly reasonable, though a little misled by the Humane Society. Heather compared the seal hunt to a war, said that there needed to be peace talks to stop the hunt, refused to believe people don’t eat seals. Argued that the income from the hunt is minimal to those who hunt them, said Harper would care because these are “harp” seals (WHAT???), and then, when she couldn’t come up with anything else, accused Danny WIlliams of acting like a politician.

You may be against hunting seals… and that’s your opinion. But make sure you’ve got your facts straight!!

Argh. You can read the transcript here: http://edition.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0603/03/lkl.01.html