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Survivin' It Up

I’m a part of two Survivor pools this Survivor season (the12th, in fact, season not pool I belong to). One is with work, and I was randomly assigned Sally. Whomever has the winner of Survivor, wins the pool. Pretty simple - Sally hasn’t been voted off, therefore I’m sharing the lead with all those other people who’s pickees are still in it too. On the other hand, the other pool is based on how well you score on a somewhat complicated survey created by Earl. In that pool, I’m tied for last :( with Earl, I think. Great minds think alike???

Who knows. But I found it funny that this week, Misty was voted off the island. Misty’s a cutie… I’m comfortable in my womanhood so I can admit it. Normally “they” (aka the guys) keep the cute ones around, for entertainment and shoulder-rubbing and whatnot. But more importantly to me, Misty is a electrical engineer. And from what I read (I didn’t actually watch the show, but I’ll quote the website…),

The male alliance is in the driver’s seat, with Misty and Ruth Marie on the chopping block. Terry is adamant that Misty should go–“She’s an engineer. She’s smart as hell, and she could cause some trouble”.

So, because she was an engineer and therefore smart (aren’t we all? :P), she was removed by the dominant male alliance. I gotta wonder… if Misty were a man (hopefully not named Misty… that’s worse than naming a boy Sue) who was an engineer, and there was a female dominant alliance (which rarely happens), would they have voted Misty off? Or if man Misty was not in with the male alliance, would man Misty still be around?