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As per Geoff, here are my own fun results from my “Unfortunately Lori” search on Google.

Unfortunately, Lori’s refusal to transfer has been wrongly interpreted as an unwillingness to return to the US when, in fact, it is an unwillingness to admit guilt and spend her life in a US prison when she knows she is innocent.

Look at their president, can ya blame me??

Unfortunately Lori’s hands and face are once more exhibiting the problems associated with the effect of the cold dry air.

Hey, that’s me… sorta… I’m a little scaly these days (though to be honest, the above quote comes from a site dedicated to freeing Lori Berenson, who is being held as a terrorist in Peru though she and her family deny the charges… I add this info so my conscience is okay with this).

Unfortunately, Lori passed away when her little girl was only four years old, so she didn’t get to walk her to school on the first day of kindergarten.

sniff I’m sad. Well, I’m dead so technically I can’t really be sad. Oh dear, this is getting depressing….

unfortunately, lori’s werewolf tf has already started, and tommy and merton only have 5 minutes to till midnight, so, they try to stop the syndicate

Hmmm…. when’s the next full moon, hey? And this is why I have a “hair issue”.

Unfortunately, Lori’s plan backfires, and Casey is given a raise and promotion at LGT.

Damn that Casey! Never trust a puppet who lives in a tree house with his large puppet dog.

And finally…. Unfortunately, Lori’s jet-setting big-city life isn’t what she dreamed it would be.

Since I haven’t conquered world domination, I’ll have to agree with this one.